About Franklin St. Realty

You will not find better real estate agents anywhere... period. We have been in business here for 25 years, so of course we know the real estate market, but there is so much more. The schools, the neighborhoods, the restaurants, the tennis clubs and golf courses, nightlife, who has the freshest seafood...(we are know-it-alls at some level). By the way, we are not a franchise....for two reasons. Franchises offer no real benefit to you, and we don't have time for training videos.

Chapel Hill Real Estate and Carrboro Real Estate is not inexpensive. Although you can buy something here for under $100,000, the average sales price must be closer to $350,000. Whether fifty or five hundred thousand, it's a big chunk of change. To the majority of buyers, it is the premier investment of their life. Wouldn't you like the advice and counsel of someone who is as connected as we are...who will help you get a great Chapel Hill home, or an amazing cottage in Carrboro, in a great location, with a great mortgage?

Satisfying real estate transactions hinge on two things, the money and the process. In the end the Buyer and Seller are the only ones who have any control over the money, while the real estate agents are responsible for the process. We are really focused on the process. There is no substitute for calm heads and long-term perspective in this business.

Why would you call anyone else?