Public Transportation

Chapel Hill Transit operates public bus and van transportation services within the contiguous municipalities of Chapel Hill and Carrboro and the UNC campus. Thousands of people ride the buses every day and they are totally free, funded by the two towns and the University.  It's not just students either. Anyone who works in a static location in town would find it useful. They run at convenient times with dozens of stops and they are generally on time.

A free "EZ Rider" service provides a demand-responsive transit service for the handicapped and elderly that are unable to use the regular fixed route service. The service operates from morning to evening on weekdays and on Saturdays.

Express bus service is provided for each Tar Heel home football and basketball game as well as most concerts at the Dean Snith Center (for paying riders).  Service begins one and a half hours before the scheduled start of an event, and return trips begin immediately after each event and continue for approximately half an hour.

A free Bike and Ride Program permits bus riders to bring their bicycle along on the bus. Special racks, with a capacity of two bikes, are mounted on the front of the buses.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the buses is the flexibility that it allows families with children who are old enough to use the town but not yet old enough to use a car.  It takes a huge load off of parents and the bus stops are carefully planned to serve not just the student enclaves, but our "outlying" neighborhoods too. One of the first thing your child will do with a smartphone is learn to use NextBus. When your teenager talks to the bus driver in the grocery store, you'll know what I'm talking about.