Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Chapel Hill likes to think that it invented recycling, but in all likelihood it was Carrboro. It's really easy here. You put it in a blue bin and the Town picks it up at the street like Magic. There are annual awards for Green Business of the Year. We have not won that yet, but we ARE trying. Our office is in the process of converting to a cloud-based-transaction management system. While collectively confused, we are wise enough to know that it is the future of real estate, and we want to get there first. Please bear with us during this trying time.

We have several Community Gardens. There are Produce, Seafood and Bio-Diesel co-ops,  Farmers markets operate at different locations on different days, but the Carrboro Farmers Market is something special. Saturday morning is the big day with Wednesday afternoon your fallback. Weaver St. Market in Carrboro is structured as a food co-op, but looks like any great natural foods grocery store. Don't miss it. The local restaurants generally pride themselves on their farm-to-fork connections, and there are probably more seasonal specials than regular menu items. 

In short, we pay attention to these things. Most people seem to care about community and look out for each other. Why would you live anywhere else?