Top Shelf Sports Programs

This one cannot be overstated. Home to the UNC Tar Heels, Chapel Hill has the luxury (and agony) of regularly watching them rise to the pinnacle of NCAA excellence. They're usually there in Men's Basketball, almost always on or near the top in Women's and Men's soccer, they are Division I in practically every sport that humans have divised, except for Curling and Ice Hockey. But it's not just about Collegiate Sports.

All of the Middle Schools and High Schools offer numerous programs. Plus there is Rainbow Soccer, a groundbreaking organization founded in the 70s after CHHS won the State Championship, and the Triangle is home to at least three youth Soccer Clubs.

If you want to participate at any level, this is the right place, and we will steer you in the right direction. There is something for eveyone here. Tennis, Golf, Running, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Mountain Biking. Gyms are everywhere, and maybe best of all, a plethora of Massage Therapists with the UNC Department of Orthopedics as a backup.