Headshot of Beth Louden

Beth Louden


Dear ol’ Dad sparked my interest in real estate with his motto, “You are a nomad until you own real property.”

He purchased a piece of real estate for each of us four kids when we were born and sold it sixteen or so years later to help pay for our college educations. In 1978, he helped me buy my first home in Chapel Hill. I was an immediate convert to his motto and have lived the American Dream ever since.

When it was time for new digs, I looked for a real estate agent who would treat me like a friend or family member. I chose a Franklin Street Real Estate Agent to sell my beloved first home (in four days, by the way) and help me find a new one.

Dear ol’ Dad showed up after closing, said “I’m proud of you” and set about busily planting a beautiful herb and vegetable garden in our side yard. My husband and I still plant one every spring and fall.

When the opportunity arose to join Franklin Street Realty as an agent and put my “inherited motto” to work, I knew I would fit right in. The folks here at Franklin Street are very busy, very caring, and aren’t a bit afraid of having a little fun along the way. I feel right at home-you will, too.

Let me spark your interest in real estate. You know I’ll dig a little deeper.