Headshot of Bryan Gibson

Bryan Gibson


The Chapel Hill music scene called out to me in the early 1990’s, and I obeyed:

Plan A – Play in bands and make tens of dollars.

Plan B – Open a vintage guitar shop and meet and play with many of the great musicians in town and be around beautiful old instruments.

I still own an online music business, and I’m happy to talk about your old Gibson, as well as that old house that needs some updates, or the allure of a shiny, new house.

Having bought and renovated several houses, I’m one of those realtors who will go to the attic or under the house to look at joists and insulation. I take note what direction the house faces or the leaning pine tree about to fall. Structural integrity is crucial. Look beyond the façade to see what the bones are. I can help you to get beyond the numbers to find the house that you have been looking for or to help you find a buyer for your current home.