Jenny Wears


After spending my youth and student years in the U.K. and Western Europe, our family settled in the Research Triangle Area. Over the past thirty years, I have been involved in our community both as a parent and a small business owner. A background in residential interior design along with a strong “nesting instinct” prompted me to become a real estate broker. Working as a Realtor has enabled me to combine my creative, artistic and organizational talents with my love of homes and design.

Real estate brokerage is, however, so much more than a job to me. It is how I express my passion for creating friendships and community. I understand both the joy and the tribulations that may arise from the process of buying or selling your home. I’m grateful that my clients allow me into their lives during such an emotional rite of passage and I appreciate being able to share my expertise to guide them through that time. If it takes a little more time to find a property you love, so be it. With experience in home design, I can also help clients visualize the possibilities of a property.

Please contact us so we can get acquainted, discuss your real estate needs and explore the best options.


“Jenny is widely knowledgeable about Chapel Hill, its neighborhoods, schools (though not relevant to us), and the variety of its local environments. She easily grasped what we were looking for and regularly assessed the houses we visited in terms of our objectives. She readily identified problems with the homes we visited and yet was able to objectively assess the tradeoffs between problems and assets. We worked with her on both the seller and buyer side of the equation and were satisfied in both roles. She was responsive to questions and concerns both in substance and in timeliness. Outcome on both the seller and buyer side was excellent.” G.D.

“My husband and I are repeat customers of Jenny because she is the best! Jenny has always been candid, kind and generous with her extensive knowledge of real estate in the Chapel Hill area. While making difficult decisions we relied heavily on her judgement and experience and I feel like she always guided us to the best choice. She is accessible, a great communicator, and always got us to showings very quickly. I think Jenny really gets people and does a wonderful job finding the right type of home for people and their families. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone looking for an experienced, intelligent and friendly realtor.” G.C

“Jenny is delightful to work with. She is always professional in her demeanor while being attuned to clients’ needs. She has a great sense of humor, which can help put clients at ease while going through the process of buying or selling real estate. Her innate creativity can help clients see possibilities which they might otherwise miss.” M.B

“Jenny Wears was simply remarkable in her work with us, both selling and buying in the Chapel Hill/Durham area. She followed our leads perfectly seeming to intuit our wishes, and patiently assisted us in getting to know neighborhood options and sales figures with her extensive knowledge of both communities. In selling, she gave us essential advice about preparing for sale without overdoing it, and, when it came to negotiations, greatly simplified our response to the inspection report. In buying, her insightful recommendations and network of contacts helped us to see houses in our chosen neighborhoods that hadn’t yet hit the market. For an old house, her attention to detail in ordering and review of inspections saved us from several disasters that we could not have foreseen.”

As part of our house search process, she worked collaboratively with a “for sale by” owner who floundered and made several missteps eventually costing him a sale. It ended up as a perfect illustration of the value of the nuanced understanding some realtors have in the complex process of navigating the biggest transactions in most people’s lives. Jenny has it in spades. We wouldn’t want to buy or sell without her.” J.J.

“I highly recommend Jenny Wears to anybody selling their house. She gave us very professional advice on setting the asking price and the timing of putting it on the market. She helped us with the repairs by bringing in qualified people and then overseeing the various projects. She was fully committed to us and our property. She led us through the whole legal process and all the paperwork. She sold the house in two months and we were very grateful for that!” C.G.