It’s doubtful that anyone’s first career is in real estate. I went to Wake Forest University in the mid 70s, and played tennis there for 4 years, thinking that I was to be a great teacher and writer. The English Dept pointed out that I could earn a living in shorts, probably a nice way of saying I was on the wrong path. I played the ATP circuit for a while, eventually landing as Tennis Director at the Chapel Hill Tennis Club. Ever had 600 bosses? It’s too many. Local real estate guru hears that local Tennis Pro has gotten his license over the winter and bingo … a new job.

That was 1983. I have never regretted it. Realtors in Chapel Hill are a bit different. I don’t feel like I am selling anything; I am just continually introducing people to a town and lifestyle that I am excited about and amazed by every day. There is very little difference in the joy people experience when they find the house they are going to buy and the thrill they get from finally hitting 3 balls in a row over the net, and realizing that it’s not a fluke. You never tire of helping people find that.

As Broker in Charge, I promise that you will value the experience you have with any of us at Franklin St. Realty. Call the office at 919.929.7174 and just chat up whoever is there or my cell is 919.608.3417.

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